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    • Comparison of ground and aerial application of fungicide for control of Ascochyta blight in chickpeas 

      Wolf, T.M.; Caldwell, B.C.; Armstrong-Cho, C.; Banniza, S.; Gan, Y. (2005-02-17)
      Ascochyta rabiei control from aerial and ground application was assessed near Saskatoon in 2003 and 2004. Each year, a site of about 12 ha was seeded to kabuli (cv. CDC Xena) chickpeas. At the first sign of disease, ...
    • Degradation of pesticides in biobeds 

      Ngombe, D.L.; Wolf, T.M.; Knight, J.D.; Caldwell, B.C.; Cessna, A.J.; Farrell, R.E. (2011-03-15)
      Pesticides are used to protect crops from unwanted pests thereby increasing food quality and quantity. However, one side-effect of using pesticides is their ability to pollute surface and groundwaters through diffuse ...
    • The movement of spray drift near a live shelterbelt 

      Peterson, J.C.; Wolf, T.M.; Mazurek, K.A.; Caldwell, B.C. (2008-02-28)
      There has been recent interest in the use of shelterbelts to mitigate spray drift and protect downwind areas. Previous research has investigated the interaction of spray drift and shelterbelts using model shelterbelts, ...
    • New options for low drift spray application 

      Wolf, T.M.; Caldwell, B.C.; Grover, R.; Maybank, J. (1998-02-19)