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    • Recent developments in the disinfestation of Hessian fly puparia in baled hay 

      Opoku, A.; Tabil, L.G.; Crerar, W.J.; Whistlecraft, J.; Sokhansanj, S. (2003-02-18)
      To comply with phytosanitary and quarantine regulations, baled hay has to be disinfested of Hessian fly [Mayetiola destructor (Say)] puparia before exporting to Japan. Several laboratory and field trials to destroy Hessian ...
    • Value added processing of dehydrated and suncured alfalfa 

      Adapa, P.K.; Tabil, L.G.; Schoenau, G.J.; Sokhansanj, S. (2003-02-18)
      A pilot scale pellet mill was used to produce pellets using ground alfalfa leaf and stem fractions. Both suncured and dehydrated alfalfa chops were used in the experiments. The moisture content of the suncured and dehydrated ...