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    • Moving pulse crop breeding into the 21st century 

      Bett, K.; Warkentin, T.; Tar’an, B.; Vandenberg, B.; Banniza, S. (2016-03-16)
    • Moving social networking applications into the cloud 

      Ramasahayam, Radhika (2010-09)
      Social networking applications that are developed using traditional software and architecture have scalability issues. One way to overcome the high cost of scaling social applications is to use Cloud Computing (CC). There ...
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      Gwirah, Ebenezer 1992-; 0000-0001-5140-4679 (2017-05-09)
      There is growing evidence to suggest that small energetically favourable clusters play an important role in the thermodynamics and dynamics of liquids. However, identifying and quantifying favoured local structures (FLS) ...
    • MR-CUDASW - GPU accelerated Smith-Waterman algorithm for medium-length (meta)genomic data 

      Muhammadzadeh, Amir (2015-01-08)
      The idea of using a graphics processing unit (GPU) for more than simply graphic output purposes has been around for quite some time in scientific communities. However, it is only recently that its benefits for a range of ...
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      Sachdeva, Rohit (2015-03-19)
      Rotator cuff pathologies involving supraspinatus are a common cause of musculoskeletal morbidity and can lead to significant disability affecting the overall quality of life. Architectural parameters of the muscle directly ...
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      Hilger, David M 1990-; 0000-0001-8949-7567 (2017-09-21)
      Phosphorus (P) is widely recognized as an element of vital importance as it is essential to life. Availability in natural systems is strongly influenced by the chemical form of P present; however, there are difficulties ...
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      Navas, Wilson M 1990-; 0000-0002-5520-8138 (2020-01-20)
      Different reinforcement materials have been added to thermoset polymers in order to improve their physical, mechanical, chemical or thermal properties. In the last few years, graphene oxide (GO) has received attention in ...
    • The Mr. Big Sting in Canada 

      Cross, Jonathan (2013-04-16)
      For approximately the last fifteen years, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have been mounting highly sophisticated undercover sting operations in Canada known colloquially as Mr. Big stings. These undercover operations ...
    • Mr. Diefenbaker, parliamentary democracy, and the Canadian Bill of Rights 

      Belliveau, Robert M. (1992)
      The Canadian Bill of Rights was enacted in 1960 as an Act of Parliament of Canada. Many argued then, and since, that it ought to have been legally binding, or entrenched beyond the reach of both Parliament and the provincial ...
    • MS Ege 4: A Preacher's Companion 

      Brecht, Ariel (2021-06-10)
      This thesis discusses the purpose and function of a thirteenth-century dismembered manuscript, which I have labelled MS Ege 4. MS Ege 4 is one of the many manuscripts that the infamous biblioclast Otto Ege dismembered for ...
    • Ms. 

      Zhang, Fan; 0000-0001-7137-2651 (2020-07-24)
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    • MT-WAVE: Profiling multi-tier web applications 

      Arkles, Anthony (2015-09-09)
      The web is evolving: what was once primarily used for sharing static content has now evolved into a platform for rich client-side applications. These applications do not run exclusively on the client; while the client ...
    • Mucosal and systemic immune responses induced by immunisation of cotton rats with recombinant adenoviruses 

      Papp, Zsuzsanna (1998-01-01)
      Replication-defective and replication-competent recombinant human adenovirus type 5 vectors efficiently expressed the glycoprotein D (gD) or the transmembrane anchor truncated gD (tgD) of bovine herpesvirus type 1 ...
    • Muhammad Khalil Thesis 

      Khalil, Muhammad 1993-
      According to recent data, an additional one million people have died of HIV-1/AIDS related illness in 2016 bringing the death toll to 35.0 million people worldwide. Currently, to inhibit HIV-1 replication a combination of ...

      Perera, Asha (2012-09-17)
      As a part of an ongoing study of the geographic spread and long term population effects of chronic wasting disease (CWD) in southwestern Saskatchewan, we captured and radio-collared female mule deer (Odocoileus hemionus) ...
    • A multi-agent crop production decision support system for technology transfer 

      Bentham, Murray James (2000-04-01)
      The purpose of this research was to study agricultural crop production 'decision support systems' as a means of transferring agricultural technology from research labs and plots to producers, extension specialists, ...
    • A multi-agent simulation approach to farmland auction markets : repeated games with agents that learn 

      Arsenault, Adam Matthew (2007)
      The focus of this thesis is to better explore and understand the effects of agent interactions, information feedback, and adaptive learning in a repeated game of bidding in farmland auction markets. This thesis will develop ...
    • Multi-Band Subsynchronous Damping Controller for Type III DFIG Wind Turbines with Single Mass and Multi-Mass Rotor Models 

      Pannell, Jason (2017-04-25)
      Sub-Synchronous Interactions (SSI), are a family of issues involving the exchange of energy between the generation system and the transmission system, most often found in situations involving series compensated transmission ...
    • Multi-faceted approaches to weed management in pulse crops 

      Johnson, E.; Willenborg, C.; Tozzi, E.; Shirtliffe, S.; Duddu, S.; Syrovy, L.; Beckie, H.; Brenzil, C. (2016-03-15)
    • Multi-factor productivity growth in Saskatchewan crops 

      Huang, Liyang (2015-05-28)
      This study provides ex ante estimates of multi factor productivity (MFP) growth in the Saskatchewan agricultural sector on a crop by crop basis, using a time series of partial budgets from representative crop planning ...