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    • Assessing nutrient availability variations in landscapes 

      Qian, P.; Schoenau, J.J.; Cowell, L.E.; Dennis, L. (1994-02-24)
      A simple method was developed to assess the variability in nutrient availability in undulating landscapes using anion-exchange resin strip burial. Resin strips were buried in ten farm fields along transects at points in ...
    • Assessing soil N availability indices - is inorganic N enough? 

      Walley, F.; Yates, T.; Jokic, A.; Masutti, M. (2003-02-18)
      Assessing soil N availability is complicated enormously by the complexity of the N-cycle. Over the years, several methods of estimating potentially available N have been suggested. In an ongoing study, we have been ...
    • Reduced tillage in organic cropping systems on the Canadian prairies 

      Sullivan, Clare (2012-04-06)
      Organic producers on the Canadian prairies rely heavily on tillage for weed control and soil nutrient management. Intensive tillage degrades soil quality, and therefore efforts to reduce tillage in organic agriculture are ...