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    • Integrating peer-to-peer into web services 

      Han, Weidong (2006-08-16)
      The Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is emerging as a new standard for building large loosely coupled systems. Web Services, the dominant implementation platform for SOA, use a server-centric approach to manage all ...
    • Motivational visualization for resources-sharing online communities 

      Sun, Lingling (2005-05-31)
      As online applications such as online newsgroups, internet game-rooms, online chat-rooms, and peer-to-peer (P2P) resources-sharing systems become popular, online community visualization became a hot research topic. Different ...
    • Popularity Characterization and Modelling for User-generated Videos 

      Islam, Muhammad Aminul (2013-01-29)
      User-generated content systems such as YouTube have become highly popular. It is difficult to under- stand and predict content popularity in such systems. Characterizing and modelling content popularity can provide deeper ...