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    • Design and implementation of a modular controller for robotic machines 

      Atta-Konadu, Rodney Kwaku Chapman (2006-09-15)
      This research focused on the design and implementation of an Intelligent Modular Controller (IMC) architecture designed to be reconfigurable over a robust network. The design incorporates novel communication, hardware, and ...
    • JOLTS : checkpointing and coordination in grid systems 

      Pfeifer, Jeremy (2004-08-16)
      The need for increased computational power is growing faster than our ability to produce faster computers. Already researchers are proposing systems that require peta-flop capable super computers, a far cry from what is ...
    • Using Actors to Implement Sequential Simulations 

      Harrison, Ryan (2015-04-16)
      This thesis investigates using an approach based on the Actors paradigm for implementing a discrete event simulation system and comparing the results with more traditional approaches. The goal of this work is to determine ...