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    • The effect of crop rotation and soil amendments on soil N bioavailability and N2O emissions 

      Snowdon, E.; Lynch, D.; Schoenau, J.J. (2011-03-15)
      The majority of N2O emissions result from bacterial denitrification and to a lesser extent nitrification, occurring in agricultural soils. Therefore, the overall N economy of a system, along with soluble C and limited O2 ...
    • Greenhouse gas emissions from land application of manure 

      Agnew, J.; Lague, C.; Schoenau, J.J.; Farrell, R.E. (2010-03-25)
      Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from agricultural activities such as land application of livestock manure cannot be ignored when assessing overall emissions from anthropogenic sources. The magnitude of these emissions ...
    • Nitrous oxide emissions from soil profiles seeded with pulse crops 

      Zhong, Z.Z.; Nelson, L.M.; Lemke, R.L. (2004-02-19)
      Inoculation of legumes with Rhizobium spp. is a common worldwide agricultural practice that is used to increase crop yield and to improve soil fertility without adding nitrogen (N) fertilizers. There is concern that N2 ...