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    • Canola: are safe rates of P changing? 

      Weber, J.; Issah, G.; Brandt, S.; Pratchler, J.; Holzapfel, C. (2017-03-06)
      Most canola hybrid varieties grown today are capable of extracting large quantities of available soil and fertilizer phosphate (P) for seed production; however, P depletion rates far exceed current fertilizer P recommendations. ...
    • Crop response to four sulfur products applied in north-central Saskatchewan 

      Sulewski, G.D.; Schoenau, J.J. (1997-02-20)
      A field study was conducted based on previous laboratory, greenhouse and field trial evidence which suggest a potential use for two alternative sources of sulfur fertilizer. The efficacy of (1) crystalline gypsum and (2) ...
    • Effect of cropping frequency, crop type, and fertilization on nitrate leaching in a semi-arid environment 

      Zentner, R.P.; Selles, F.; Campbell, C.A.; De Jong, R.; Lemke, R.; McConkey, B.G. (2005-02-17)
    • Effectiveness of meat and bone meal and distillers grain ash as a phosphorus source for crops 

      Alotaibi, K.D.; Schoenau, J.J.; Fonstad, T. (2011-03-15)
      Production of biogas from organic materials via gasification also generates a valuable byproduct of ash. Ash contains the original nutrient present in organic materials, except carbon, nitrogen and sulfur that are lost as ...
    • Effects of liming on soil pH and crop yield 

      Issah, G.; Weber, J.; Beniuk, A. (2017-03-06)
      The continuous use ammonium–based fertilizers in crop production have the tendency to acidify soils and threatened crop production in the long-term, leading to reduced crop yields. Conventional lime products used to remediate ...
    • How hungry is hemp for fertilizers? 

      Vera, C.L.; Malhi, S.S.; Moskal, G.J.; Leach, D.W. (2002-02-20)
      A field experiment was conducted at Melfort, SK in 2000 and 2001 to determine the effects of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer rates on hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) productivity. Increased nitrogen fertilizer rates significantly ...
    • Nitrogen effects on water use efficiency in the semi-arid Canadian prairies 

      Kröbel, R.; Lemke, R.L.; Campbell, C.A.; Zentner, R.P.; Steppuhn, H.; Desjardins, R.L.; De Jong, R. (2011-03-15)
      In the semiarid environment of the Canadian prairies, water is the main constraint to crop production. Few studies have examined the influence of fertilizer on water use efficiency (WUE) and fewer still have made comparisons ...
    • Optimized forecaster farming: a new tool to put accuracy into precision farming 

      Greer, K.J.; Sulewski, C.A.; Hangs, R.D. (2002-02-20)
      Farmers looking at Precision Farming as a tool to better manage fields have found no real way to apply this technology to fertilization and crop production. The misconception between precision and optimization has lead ...
    • Where is nitrogen going in long-term cropping systems? 

      Selles, F.; Lemke, R.; Zentner, R.P.; Campbell, C.A. (2006-03-02)
      Fertilizer nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) is normally low, and has led to the idea that a large proportion of N applied as fertilizer is lost from the soil. However, N balances calculated for a long-term rotation study at ...