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Low lignin hull, high oil groat oat grain in lactating dairy cow rations



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LLH-HOG oat grain (low in ADL and high in EE) was compared to Derby oat, and CDC Dolly barley grain. Twenty-one Suffolk wethers were randomly assigned diets, 100% barley silage or barley silage with 50, 75, or 90% (DM) LLH-HOG oat or CDC Dolly barley. Apparent digestibility of DM, CP, EE, NDF, ADF, and GE were determined. Linear and quadratic regressions were fitted and apparent digestibility at 100% grain was determined. DM apparent digestibility was estimated at 79.1% for CDC Dolly barley and 74.0% for LLH-HOG oat grain. LLH-HOG oat provided 3550 Kcal per kg DE and CDC Dolly barley provided 3582 Kcal per kg DE. A non-lactating Holstein cow with a rumen fistula was used to determine LLH-HOG oat, Derby oat, and CDC Dolly barley grain degradability. Samples were incubated in the rumen for 48, 36, 24, 12, 08, 04, and 00 hour. The in situ degradability of DM, CP, and NDF were determined. An in vitro study was conducted using a Daisy II Incubator for incubations of 48, 30, and 24 hour. The DM ED of CDC Dolly barley (77.0%) was greater than both oat (68.0 and 68.9%). The NDF ED in LLH-HOG oat (26.6%) was higher than that of Derby oat (24.0%). Nine lactating Holsteins were randomly assigned treatments in a triple replicate three x three Latin square. Treatments were 50:50 forage to concentrate (DM basis) TMR with grain sources of CDC Dolly barley, Derby oat, or LLH-HOG oat. Milk production, dietary consumption data, and apparent digestibility were collected. DMI of the different TMR were similar. Milk yield tended (P=0.09) to be highest in LLH-HOG oat fed cows. FCM, MF, and MP yields were not different. MP concentration was lowest in LLH-HOG oat fed cows. Cows fed LLH-HOG oat, compared to Derby oat, trended (P=0.08) towards requiring less DM to produce 100 kg FCM. The TMR DE and apparent digestibility of DM and NDF were higher in cows fed LLH-HOG or CDC Dolly barley compared to Derby oat. LLH-HOG oat had superior nutritional characteristics for dairy cows compared to conventional oat and was equal to barley.



lactation, cattle, ruminant



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