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Performance analysis of H.264 encoder for high-definition video transmission over ultra-wideband communication link.



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With the technological advancement, entertainment has become revolutionized and the High-definition (HD) video has become a common feature of our modern amusement devices. Moreover, the demand for wireless transmission of HD video is rising increasingly for its ubiquitous nature, easy installation and relocation. The high bandwidth requirement is the main concern for wireless transmission of high quality video streams. Research has been going on by the consumer electronics industry to provide different solutions of this issue, for the last few years. In this research work, HD video transmission feasibility using the Ultra-wideband (UWB) communication channel is analyzed. The UWB channel is selected for its short-range, high-speed data transmission capability at low-cost, and low-power consumption. The maximum transmitting range of this technology is about 10 m at 100 Mbps data rate. Simulation is conducted by controlling key parameters, such as, in-loop deblocking filter, group of pictures, and quantization parameter of an H.264/AVC encoder. Here, standard HD video streams with different motion characteristics are used, and the impact of these parameters change on the reconstructed video quality and the broadcasting data rate are analyzed. Finally, a generalized parameters settings, and a video content dependent settings for an H.264/AVC encoder are proposed for different bandwidth requirements, as well as acceptable video quality. Performance evaluation of these parameters settings is performed, and the results are quite satisfactory as long as the symbol energy to noise power density ratio, Es/No, is above 15. With the proposed parameters settings, maximum 20 Mbps data rate is achieved with 33.5 dB Y-PSNR.



HD video, UWB, H.264



Master of Science (M.Sc.)


Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineering


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