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The Development of a Patient Portal for Use During Hospitalization: Pediatric Registered Nurses' Perspectives


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Patient portals are innovative digital health technologies that are impacting nursing practice. A patient portal is an electronic tool that allows patients and parents to access personal health information. There has been a recent focus to implement patient portal technology when children are hospitalized. This manuscript style thesis examines pediatric registered nurses (RNs) perspectives of new technology including patient portals and its impact on nursing care. The first manuscript is a thematic literature review that was conducted to determine pediatric health care providers perceptions of patient portal implementation. Five articles were included in the analysis and only two articles focused exclusively on health care providers views. Four themes summarize the pediatric practitioner’s experiences with a portal technology: The Benefits of the Patient Portal; Impact on Provider Workload; User-Friendliness of the Patient Portal; and Health Care Providers Needs with Portal Implementation. Pediatric RNs voices are limited in currently published research. Therefore, the second manuscript is an interpretive description study conducted to explore pediatric RNs perspectives of new technology, including a proposed patient portal, on patient care. A total of 10 nurses participated in a semi-structured individual interview. Six themes represent the RNs views of new technology, including a proposed patient portal, and the impact on nursing care during a child’s hospitalization. The first three themes: Standing in Both Worlds, Reshaping the Care Triad, and Needing Support embody the nurses’ views on the implementation of technology in the pediatric inpatient units they work. The RNs previous experience with health technology implementation informs their perspectives of a new portal technology and its potential impact on patient care. The last three themes encompass the RNs views on the development of a patient portal: Improving Family Centred Care, Connecting with Care, and Anticipating Nursing Implications. Overall, the RNs are anticipating a positive impact the portal can have on the hospital experience for children and their family members. Even though the nurses report a feeling of standing in both worlds in regards to technology and its varied implementation, they are still optimistic. The RNs are also bringing awareness to the impact of all the new technology, not just a single piece, on patient care and the art of nursing. The integrated discussion provides recommendations to a larger ongoing study and discusses the impact on nursing practice, education, and research. Recruiting and involving pediatric RNs can take considerable time and effort but they can provide valuable insight and feedback on new technology, including patient portals, which may result in more sustained use.  



Patient Portal, Pediatric, Registered Nurse



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