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Monitoring and modeling of diurnal and seasonal odour and gas emissions from different types of swine rooms



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The issue of odour, greenhouse gas emissions and indoor air quality in swine buildings have become a great concern for the neighbouring communities as well as governments. Air dispersion models have been adopted widely as an approach to address these problems which determine science-based distance between livestock production site and neighbours. However, no existing model considers the diurnal and seasonal variations of odour, gas (ammonia, hydrogen sulphide, greenhouse gas), and dust concentrations and emissions, which may cause great uncertainty. The primary objective of this project is to monitor and model the diurnal and seasonal variations of odour, gases, and dust concentrations and emissions from nursery, farrowing, and gestation rooms. Additionally, this study tried to quantify the greenhouse gas contribution from swine buildings and evaluate the indoor air quality of swine barns. Strip-block experimental design was used to measure the diurnal variation of odour and gas concentrations and emissions in PSC Elstow Research Farm. It was found that: 1) odour and gas concentrations in winter were significantly higher than those in mild and warm weather conditions for all three rooms (P0.05); 3) significant diurnal variations occurred in August and April (P0.05); 4) apparent diurnal variation patterns were observed in August and April for NH3, H2S and CO2 concentrations, being high in the early morning and low in the late afternoon; 5) positive correlation was found between odour concentrations and NH3, H2S, and CO2 concentrations, respectively. A whole year ( August 2006 to July 2007) monitoring of odour, gas and dust concentrations and emissions revealed that: 1) significant seasonal effect on odour and gas concentrations and emissions, total dust concentrations and dust depositions were observed (P



Swine room, Modeling, Greenhouse gas, Indoor air quality, Odour emissions



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Agricultural and Bioresource Engineering


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