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Urban Relief in Saskatchewan During the Years of Depression, 1930-1939



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The subject of the thesis is "Urban Relief in Saskatchewan During the Years of Depression, 1930-39." It is composed of five main chapters, bounded by an Introduction and a Conclusion. The Introduction attempts to justify the delimitation of subject matter to urban relief and to define the various types of relief and classes of relief recipient to be found in an urban municipality of the Province in the 1930s. The first two chapters set the background to the three local studies which form the core of the thesis. Chapter one describes the response of the Federal Government to the problems of unemployment and relief, and discusses its failure to implement national policies to cope with the situation. The consequences of this lack of central direction for Saskatchewan are considered in some detail. The second chapter analyses the position of the Provincial Government during the depression decade from three major perspectives; political, financial and administrative. The third, fourth and fifth chapters consist of a description and analysis of the impact of the depression and the federal and provincial policies pursued as they affected the cities of Prince Albert and Saskatoon and the town of Shaunavon. These places were selected for special study because they are geographically representative. Shaunavon is situated in the south-western corner of the Province, approximately thirty miles from the border with the United States and one hundred and thirty miles from the Albertan border. Saskatoon is situated in the central part of the settled area of the Province and Prince Albert is in the northern part of the settled area, approximately one hundred miles north of Saskatoon. Each local study consists of a consideration of the relief policies adopted and the administrative framework in which they operated. The financial and demographic consequences of the depression for each urban centre are described and the problems which were encountered are analysed. The Conclusion seeks to assess the relative gravity of the impact of the depression in the three centres studied, and to relate the degree of suffering to political events in the individual municipality and the Province ,





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