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Rejuvenation of tame forages



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Studies were conducted at five sites in Saskatchewan over three years to determine the effect of spiking (SP), burning (B), mowing (M), deep-banding (slicing) (DB) and liquid and granular fertilizer on dry matter yield (DMY), crude protein (CP), calcium (Ca) and phosphorous (P) content, and botanical composition of primarily smooth bromegrass ('Bromus inermis' Leyss.) alfalfa ('Medicago sativa' Pers.) and Kentucky bluegrass ('Poa pratensis' L.) pastures. All treatments were applied spring 1994 as a randomized complete block split-plot. Burning increased (p < 0.05) DMY in yr 1 and 2 at the Gray-Wooded soil site while spiking decreased (p < 0.05) DMY in 1994. DB and M had only minimal effects on production. In 1994, DBLIQ+F (200 kg N ha-1) increased DMY, 84 to 185% over control plots at all sites, with no carry over effect in 2nd or 3rd year. Mechanical treatments (DB, M and SP) + F increased (p < 0.05) DMY and herbage CP in 1994. Liquid fertilizer deep-banded showed a greater response for DMY at all sites than did granular fertilizer. DBLIQ+F increased (p < 0.05) CP content of 1994 forage samples however, CP of 1995 and 1996 samples were similar to control. Broadcast fertilizer (C+F) affected CP and P only in 1994. Forage phosphorous increased (p < 0.05) with fertilizer plus SP, DB, M and B in 1994, but not with SP, B, DB or M alone. Spiking reduced grass and legume composition, but increased (p < 0.05) presence of weeds and bare ground. Burning increased (p < 0.05) alfalfa composition and decreased (p > 0.05) bluegrass ('Poa pratensis' L.) composition only in 1994. Broadcast fertilizer, (C+F) increased (p < 0.05, 1994; p < 0.10, 1995-96) smooth bromegrass component each year but decreased alfalfa component (p < 0.05). Broadcast fertilizer combined with DB, M, SP or B increased (p < 0.05) smooth bromegrass and decreased bluegrass, weeds and bare ground. Nutrient digestibility and dry matter intake (DMI) of rejuvenated hay was determined in a feeding trial using ram lambs. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)





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