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The Camp Rayner Site (EgNr-2) : archaeological investigations of a multi-component site in south-central Saskatchewan



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The Camp Rayner site (EgNr-2) is a multicomponent site located approximately 135km south of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and is situated along the northern shoreline of Lake Diefenbaker and the western shoreline of Hitchcock Bay. The Saskatchewan Archaeological Society conducted field school excavations at Camp Rayner between the years of 1987 and 1995 as part of a salvage/rescue program for reasons of potential heritage displacement and site destruction. In total, 53 1x1m2 units were opened and revealed 7 occupation levels that span the Terminal Late Paleoindian to the Late Precontact period. Two radiocarbon dates were obtained which corroborates with both the Terminal Late Paleoindian and Early Middle Period. Research included an analysis of the entire cultural assemblage to reconstruct the cultural sequence of the site. This site offers a unique opportunity to study a number of archaeological cultures on the Northern Plains. The presence of an in situ Terminal Late Paleoindian and Early Middle Period occupation with correlating radiocarbon dates are of considerable significance due to their rarity on the northern grasslands. The recovery of Sandy Creek points and other Late Middle Period projectile points are also regarded as especially significant due to an increase in cultural complexity during the Late Middle and Late Precontact periods. The Camp Rayner site is one of the most significant sites in Saskatchewan. Cultural material at this site represents the last 9,000 years of human occupation with in situ deposits spanning approximately 7,000 years ago. The continuous investigation and monitoring of the archaeological record recovered at this site is the key to maintaining these non-renewable resources. The information gathered from this research will supplement research on archaeological occupations of the Northern Plains and will initiate a resource management plan for future excavations and site preservation.



Camp Rayner Site, Multi-Component Site, EgNr-2, Terminal Late Paleoindian, Resource Management Plan, Middle Precontact Period



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