HARVEST is the University of Saskatchewan’s research archive (institutional repository). The University Library is leading this campus-wide partnership. This service is in early development and will continue to evolve.

In order to submit to HARVEST you need to be given permission. Please email HARVEST@library.usask.ca to get set up!

If you are a Dean and want to set up a Collection for your College/School, contact HARVEST@library.usask.ca.

Why use HARVEST?

Increased Access: HARVEST provides open access to scholarship. This increases readership, knowledge transfer, and impact of scholarship.

More Visibility: HARVEST expands the reach of research by increasing discoverability.

Better Preservation: HARVEST provides a stable, safe place to store your research for the long term.

Compliance: HARVEST helps researchers meet compliance obligations of funders’ open access policies (e.g. the Tri-Agency Open Access Policy on Publications).