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    • Canadian biopesticides and bioherbicides 

      Boyetchko, S.M.; Svircev, A.M. (2011-03-15)
      Biopesticide technology is emerging as a viable and environmentally-friendly pest management tool in agriculture. Although the current global biopesticide market is small in comparison to the synthetic pesticide market, ...
    • Investigating the mode of action of Bacillus subtilis C-3102 probiotic. 

      Hamaoka, Tomohiro; 0000-0003-3215-6619 (2021-11-08)
      Bacillus probiotics have been utilized to improve body weight gain or feed conversion ratio in poultry production since 1970s, however, the mechanisms of action of Bacillus probiotics are not well delineated. Two major ...