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Integrated disease management of leaf spots and crown rust of oat




Taylor, J.
Kirkham, C.
Vera, J.T.
Dament, T.
Liu, J.
Peng, G.
Kutcher, H.R.

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Crown rust and leaf spots can reduce the yield and quality of oats. The objective of this research was to determine the effect of conventional fungicides, Actigard® and oat cultivars that vary in resistance to crown rust on leaf spot and crown rust severity, and oat yield and quality. Two experiments were established at each location in Saskatchewan: Saskatoon and Melfort. Experiment one consisted of three oat varieties: AC Morgan (crown rust susceptible), CDC Dancer (intermediate) and CDC Morrison (resistant) and three fungicide treatments: check (unsprayed), propiconazole and pyraclostrobin. Experiment two consisted of the application of Actigard® at two rates: 8.75 g ai/ha and 26.25 g ai/ha; three crop growth stages: seedling, boot and heading; on two varieties: CDC Dancer and CDC Morrison, with an unsprayed check for each variety. At Saskatoon, crown rust was observed while leaf spot severity was low. At Melfort, no crown rust was observed but leaf spot severity was low to moderate. Fungicide reduced the severity of crown rust and increased yield and quality of oat at Saskatoon for the susceptible variety (AC Morgan) and somewhat for the moderately susceptible variety (CDC Dancer). The crown rust resistant variety (CDC Morrison) did not benefit from fungicide. Leaf spots were reduced by fungicide application at Melfort, but little increase in yield or quality was detected. There was little difference between AC Morgan and CDC Morrison for leaf spot symptoms, but CDC Dancer appeared to suffer slightly more than the other varieties. There was no impact of fungicide on beta-glucan content at either location, although there were differences among varieties, but only at Saskatoon. Actigard® was not observed to have any positive or negative effects on disease severity (crown rust or leaf spots) or any of the factors measured, including nutritional characteristics, at either location, although there were differences among varieties for many of the factors measured.










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