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    Fast oxygen dynamics as a potential biomarker for epilepsy
    (Nature Research, 2018-12-18) Farrell, Jordan S.; Greba, Quentin; Snutch, Terrance P.; Howland, John G.; Teskey, G. Campbell
    Changes in brain activity can entrain cerebrovascular dynamics, though this has not been extensively investigated in pathophysiology. We assessed whether pathological network activation (i.e. seizures) in the Genetic Absence Epilepsy Rat from Strasbourg (GAERS) could alter dynamic fluctuations in local oxygenation. Spontaneous absence seizures in an epileptic rat model robustly resulted in brief dips in cortical oxygenation and increased spectral oxygen power at frequencies greater than 0.08 Hz. Filtering oxygen data for these fast dynamics was sufficient to distinguish epileptic vs. non-epileptic rats. Furthermore, this approach distinguished brain regions with seizures from seizure-free brain regions in the epileptic rat strain. We suggest that fast oxygen dynamics may be a useful biomarker for seizure network identification and could be translated to commonly used clinical tools that measure cerebral hemodynamics.