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The nutritive value of high fiber canola meal for ruminants



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Five trials were conducted to assess the nutritive value of high fiber canola meal (HFCM) as a protein supplement for ruminants. Trial one determined the chemical composition of HFCM relative to low fiber canola meal (LFCM) and canola meal in a completely randomized design using samples obtained from five different crushers. In the second trial, the in situ nylon bag technique was used to determine disappearance of dry matter (DMD), crude protein (CPD), neutral (NDFD) and acid (ADFD) detergent fiber from canola meal, LFCM and HFCM samples derived from five different crushers following 24 h of nunen incubation. The effect of crushing plant of origin on in situ nutrient disappearance in the three meals was also determined. In the third trial, rumen nutrient kinetic parameters and effective degradabilities were determined for the blended canola meal, LFCM and HFCM. In situ disappearance of different amino acids canola meal, LFCM and HFCM following 12 h of rumen incubation was determined in the fourth study. The fifth trial was designed to determine nutrient digestibility coefficients by growing lambs of seven diets containing dehydrated alfalfa and 0, 25, 50 and 75% HFCM or canola meal in a randomized complete block design. Milk yield and composition responses of early to mid lactation dairy cows to diets supplemented with HFCM, canola meal or soybean meal were also determined. Results of the first trial indicated that tail-end dehulling of canola meal resulted in more fractionation of fiber than protein between HFCM and LFCM. Results of the second trial showed differences in CPD and DMD within LFCM and HFCM but not within canola meal samples. However, no meal by crusher interaction was observed indicating that in situ nutrient disappearances in the three meals were consistent across crushers. At 5% h-1 rumen flow rate, effective DM degradability (trial three) was higher (P $



ruminants -- feeding and feeds, brassica napus, rapeseed, agriculture, animal and poultry science, animal nutrition, feeds -- analysis, feed processing



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