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Perspectives of Saskatchewan Dakota/Lakota Elders on the treaty process in Saskatchewan



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This ethnographic dissertation study contains a total of six chapters. Chapter One provides an introduction to the topic, “Perspectives of Saskatchewan Dakota/Lakota Elders on the Treaty Process within Canada.” It also discusses the following: the purpose of the study; the rationale & justification for an interdisciplinary approach; the research methodology; the definition of terms; the limitations of the study; assumptions; and the ethical protocols applicable to this study. Chapter Two provides a review of literature pertaining to the various theoretical and methodological considerations to be addressed within this study. These include the traditional “Rankean approach” to the study of history; that termed within Western academia as “Oral History,” combined with that termed as “Oral Tradition;” that termed as “Dakota Oral Tradition;” and that termed within Western academia as “Outsider vs. Insider Research.” Chapter Three provides a review of the history of the treaty negotiation processes that occurred both in the United States and Canada and concludes with an analysis of research findings to date. Chapter Four reviews previously written documentation pertaining to the Dakota/Lakota treaty negotiation process within Canada and concludes with an analysis of research findings to date. Chapter Five discusses in detail the data collection process employed for this study. In addition, the data generated from the interviews with the Saskatchewan Dakota/Lakota Elders regarding their perspectives on treaty are presented. Chapter Six provides a synthesis and analysis of research findings for the data collected from the Saskatchewan Dakota/Lakota Elders during the interview process. In addition, an epilogue is provided regarding the implications of the research for the treaty negotiation process of the Dakota/Lakota people within Canada. In this way the findings of the study are placed within the context of the Native-White treaty relationship currently evolving and being negotiated within the province of Saskatchewan. Recommendations are also presented to assist and enhance the contemporary political and legal position of the Dakota/Lakota First Nations within Saskatchewan in their efforts to either sign adhesion to the Numbered Treaties, or to adhere to an alternate treaty protocol agreement with the Canadian federal government, which would include provisions regarding land, as well as related treaty benefits and annuities.



Native-Newcomer relations, Aboriginal/ First Nations history Canada/U.S.A., Dakota/Lakota Elders' oral testimony, treaty process in Saskatchewan



Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)


Interdisciplinary Studies


Interdisciplinary Studies


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