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Integrated control and estimation based on sliding mode control applied to electrohydraulic actuator



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Many problems in tracking control have been identified over the years, such as the availability of systems states, the presence of noise and system uncertainties, and speed of response, just to name a few. This thesis is concerned with developing novel integrated control and estimation algorithms to overcome some of these problems in order to achieve an efficient tracking performance. Since there are some significant advantages associated with Sliding Mode Control (SMC) or Variable Structure Control (VSC), (fast regulation rate and robustness to uncertainties), this research reviews and extends new filtering concepts for state estimation, referred to as the Variable Structure Filter (VSF)and Smooth Variable Structure Filter (SVSF). These are based on the philosophy of Sliding Mode Control.The VSF filter is designed to estimate some of the states of a plant when noise and uncertainties are presented. This is accomplished by refining an estimate of the states in an iterative fashion using two filter gains, one based on a noiseless system with no uncertainties and the second gain which reflects these uncertainties. The VSF is combined “seamlessly” with the Sliding Mode Controller to produce an integrated controller called a Sliding Mode Controller and Filter (SMCF). This new controller is shown to be a robust and effective integrated control strategy for linear systems. For nonlinear systems, a novel integrated control strategy called the Smooth Sliding Mode Controller and Filter (SSMCF), fuses the SMC and SVSF in a particular form to address nonlinearities. The gain term in the SVSF is redefined to form a new algorithm called the “SVSF with revised gain” in order to obtain a better estimation performance. Its performance is compared to that of the Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) when applied to a particular nonlinear plant.The SMCF and SSMCF are applied to the experimental prototype of a precision positioning hydraulic system called an ElectroHydraulic Actuator (EHA) system. The EHA system is known to display nonlinear characteristics but can approximate linear behavior under certain operating conditions, making it ideal to test the robustness of the proposed controllers.The main conclusion drawn in this research was that the SMCF and SSMCF as developed and implemented, do exhibit robust and high performance state estimation and trajectory tracking control given modeling uncertainties and noise. The controllers were applied to a prototype EHA which demonstrated the use of the controllers in a “real world” application. It was also concluded that the application of the concepts of VSC for the controller can alleviate a challenging mechanical problem caused by a slip-stick characteristic in friction. Another conclusion is that the revised form of the SVSF could obtain robust and fast state estimation for nonlinear systems.The original contributions of the research include: i) proposing the SMCF and SSMCF, ii) applying the Sliding Mode Controller to suppress cross-over oscillations caused by the slip-stick characteristics in friction which often occur in mechanical systems, iii) the first application of the SVSF for state estimation and iv) a comparative study of the SVSF and Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) to the EHA demonstrating the superiority of the SVSF for state estimation performance under both steady-state and transient conditions for the application considered.The dissertation is written in a paper format unlike the traditional Ph.D thesis manuscript. The content of the thesis discourse is based on five manuscripts which are appended at the end of the thesis. Fundamental principles and concepts associated with SMC, VSF, SVSF and the fused controllers are introduced. For each paper, the objectives, approaches, typical results, conclusions and major contributions are presented. Major conclusions are summarized and original contributions reiterated.



Smooth Sliding Mode Controller and Filter, Sliding Mode Controller and Filter, Smooth Variable Structure Filter, Varibable Structure Filter, Sliding Mode Control, ElectroHydraulic Actuator



Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)


Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering


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