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Culturally Responsive Child and Family Support Services for Newcomers: A Saskatoon Case Study

dc.contributor.advisorCottrell, Michael
dc.contributor.committeeMemberOrlowski, Paul
dc.contributor.committeeMemberWhite, Judy
dc.contributor.committeeMemberGarcea, Joseph
dc.contributor.committeeMemberRenihan, Patrick
dc.contributor.committeeMemberTunison, Scott
dc.creatorFalihi, Anahit 2019
dc.description.abstractThis study was designed to develop an understanding of culturally responsive child and family support services from the perspective of mid-level leaders of community service organizations during a time of transition when Saskatoon is experiencing a higher than usual influx of Newcomers. Its ultimate goal is to help bridge the current gap in services by contributing to an understanding of the core challenges, existing strategies, and best practices and by providing recommendations for future pathways towards culturally inclusive and responsive support service delivery for all of Saskatoon’s children and families. Eight participants from the settlement services, education, community social services, and advocacy sectors were interviewed to obtain their perspectives on what has been achieved and what further improvements are needed in providing inclusive, culturally responsive services to support Newcomer family members in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, with the transition and integration process. Participants demonstrated a significant degree of awareness about Newcomer needs but also confirmed the importance of further community capacity building. Working within the framework of Saskatoon as a learning community undergoing community development, participants recommended capacity building in five key areas: expanding community awareness and responsiveness, leadership development, educational preparedness, relevant resource development, and consistent policies and procedures. The study provides a blueprint for Saskatoon’s future development as a multicultural community and has potential to serve as a model for other communities responding to rapid demographic changes and increased diversity.
dc.subjectCultural Diversity
dc.subjectChild and Family Support
dc.subjectCommunity Capacity Building
dc.subjectCommunity Awareness and Responsiveness
dc.subjectLeadership Development
dc.titleCulturally Responsive Child and Family Support Services for Newcomers: A Saskatoon Case Study
dc.type.materialtext Administration of Saskatchewan of Philosophy (Ph.D.)


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