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El erotismo como logro del movimiento feminista en Centroamérica: los casos de Ana Istarú, Dina Posada y Jacinta Escudos

dc.contributor.advisorTorres Recinos, Julioen_US
dc.creatorLearned, Amber Men_US
dc.description.abstractThis thesis seeks to investigate the erotic components of three Central American writers, Ana Istarú, Dina Posada and Jacinta Escudos from a postmodernist feminist perspective. The purpose of this thesis is to understand the importance and the development of the topic within the confines of the work of each of the three writers. The first chapter defines eroticism from a feminist perspective. After, this chapter differentiates between eroticism written by women and that written by men. In order to better understand eroticism we look at how relationships between men and women are changing, not only because of the impetus of women, but also that of men. The theories of Anais Nin and Helene Cixous are presented and these discuss the importance of eroticism in literature written by women. Finally, the textual analysis, as proposed by López Casanova, is laid out for use. Chapters two, three and four examine the work of each of the authors. In the first section of each chapter a textual analysis is done of selected poems and also of the narrative work. After, the topic of eroticism is discussed in the context of each of the works and then how this is linked to the feminist movement. The thesis concludes with what these works of eroticism mean to the feminist movement, specifically in the Central American context, as well as a wider context. The contribution of each writer is recognized, even though it may be small and also that it may be difficult to connect the writing to specific, concrete changes in Central American society. This thesis seeks to prove that the primary outcome of these works is to see the hope and the possibilities that they may to lead us towards.en_US
dc.subjectAna Istarúen_US
dc.subjectDina Posadaen_US
dc.subjectJacinta Escudosen_US
dc.titleEl erotismo como logro del movimiento feminista en Centroamérica: los casos de Ana Istarú, Dina Posada y Jacinta Escudosen_US
dc.type.materialtexten_US and Linguisticsen_US and Linguisticsen_US of Saskatchewanen_US of Arts (M.A.)en_US


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