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A study of factors related to the reorganization of municipal boundaries in Saskatchewan



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The problems of municipal government in Saskatchewan have been varied in nature and often unwieldy in their scope. The roots of these problems have likewise originated, not in one particular spot, but rather in a number of conditions characteristic of the economy and the times in which the people have striven for sound government. Even the earliest settlers required an organization for government. Local roads, schools and other services had to be provided and the financing of such endeavors meant that the local government had to have the powers whereby it could levy taxes, borrow money and pass by-laws for the general welfare of the community. Thus we find municipal governments functioning even while the population was particularly sparse. Adjustments have been made in the organization of local government in Saskatchewan as time has progressed and as the changing requirements of these bodies have experienced the need for adjustment. It is felt by some at the present time that further changes in organization are required if the most effective government is to be provided. At the present time a proposal is being seriously considered which, if carried through, would bring about an enlargement of the areas contained in each rural municipality. In other words, a greater or lesser degree of agitation has developed for increasing the size of the unit served by each municipal council. It is the purpose of this investigation to enquire into the factors related to the reorganization of the municipalities into larger units. It is hoped that this may indicate some of the problems involved and serve in some measure to clarify the issues contained in the actions proposed.





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