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The regulation of Rab5 by Phosphatidylinositol 3'-Kinase



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Rab5 (Ras-related in brain) and Rab4 are small monomeric GTPases that mediate the intracellular trafficking of endocytosed growth factor receptors. Active Rab5-GTP has low intrinsic GTP hydrolysis activity that is stimulated by GTPase activating proteins (GAPs) to make inactive Rab5-GDP. GAPs provide both a catalytic arginine and switch region stabilization functions. The p85 regulatory subunit of phosphatidylinositol 3′-kinase (PI3K) has GAP activity towards Rab5 and Rab4, which is not seen in other PI3Ks. The arginine “finger” residue within p85 is R274. It is unlikely that p85 stabilizes the switch regions of Rab5, which undergo large conformational changes between activation states, because it interacts with both Rab5-GTP and Rab5-GDP. In contrast, the PI3K catalytic subunit p110β binds only Rab5-GTP, suggesting it interacts with the switch regions. Thus, the GAP functions may be provided to Rab5 by the subunits of PI3K acting together, where p85 provides the arginine finger and p110β stabilizes the switch regions. The binding interface of Rab5:p85 was sought using mutations of Rab5 residues not present in the switch regions which were conserved in p85-binding Rab proteins (S84, E106, N113, F145, E172, M175, K179, K180) in GST pull-down experiments with FLAG-p85. The p85 binding site was not resolved with these experiments, suggesting that p85 interaction may involve the contribution of multiple residues of the Rab5 protein. The p110β interaction site on Rab5 was investigated using Rab5 switch region mutants. Pull-down experiments using a stabilized p110 protein construct, where the p85-iSH2 domain was fused to p110 (alpha or beta), were performed. Rab5 mutants I53A, F57A, W74A, Q79L, E80R, Y82A, H83E, L85A, M88A, Y89A and R91E showed reduced p110β binding. All of these residues except E80 and H83 are involved in binding other Rab5 effectors. The Rab5 binding site on p110β was also resolved through mutation of p110β in its Ras binding domain, and includes residues I234, E238 and Y244. This generation of non-binding mutants of both Rab5 and p110β will be invaluable in the characterization of the importance of the p110β:Rab5-GTP interaction for receptor trafficking to endosomes in mammalian cells.



p85, Rab5, RTK signaling, cancer, p110, PI3K, endocytosis



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