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Lac La Ronge Indian Band: Pursuing pimâcihowin (making a living) to achieve mitho-pimâtisiwin (the good life)



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This study explores the importance of culture in Northern in contemporary Aboriginal development. This study interviewed a sample of Lac La Ronge Indian Band members living in the community of Lac La Ronge about their perceptions of two central culture values: northern pimâcihowin (making a living) and mitho-pimâtisiwin (the good life) and its relevance to the LLRIB Band developments. This is significant because northern First Nations have unique local histories and perspectives, and they continue to earn a living and self-sufficiency through traditional ways of living on the land (commercial fishing and trapping, hunting) and adapting new ways to their way of life, such as pursuing training, employment, and business opportunities. Using a methodology called snowball sampling from community contact referrals, nine participants agreed to participate in this study. The questionnaire for this study focused on the interviewees’ perceptions of Cree culture and northern ways of life, pimâtisiwin (life), and whether they thought principles of pimâcihowin (making a living) influenced or should continue to influence LLRIB members and leaders to achieve mitho-pimâtisiwin (the good life). The literature and findings suggest that Cree culture, pimâtisiwin (life) and its connection to the land, and the concept of pimâcihowin (making a living) are still relevant today. Overall, this study suggests that concern for northern Cree pimâtisiwin (life), the land and pimâcihowin (livelihood or making a living), strongly influenced and will likely continue to be important for LLIRB efforts to develop its people and communities thus contributing to their innovative social and developments that blend local values and principles.



Aboriginal, Aboriginal Development, Northern Saskatchewan, Lac La Ronge Indian Band, Pimacihowin, Pimatisiwin, Northern Culture, Northern Livelihood, Woodland Cree



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