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    Identifying new protocol methods in polyploidy research with Cannabis sativa L
    (2023) Skuce, William; Sharbel, Tim; Bors, Robert
    The development and critique of an improved experiment and protocol analysis is critical in terms of this research experiment. With little published research in the development of polyploid cannabis, it was crucial that steps were taken to test and report the methods and protocols provided thus far. The development and discovery that Pisum sativum L. impeded the ploidy analysis of Cannabis sativa L. in flow cytometry when used as an internal standard was recognized. In turn, these findings only reinforced the need to find and test better suited endogenous controls for Cannabis sativa L. samples within flow cytometry analysis. The works of producing a more suited protocol for Cannabis sativa L. flow cytometry we can better understand the effects of possible secondary metabolites between the plants within flow cytometry as well as help pave the way for future Cannabis sativa L. ploidy research.
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    Operational Limitations and Regulations on Canadian Walk-In Clinics
    (2021-04) Milton, Bradley; Samarghandi, Hamed
    The Canadian healthcare system provides episodic, or walk-in clinics in each of it’s Provinces. These are funded by Canadian tax dollars which are allocated by Provincial government. This paper was written to identify and elaborate on how Walk-in Clinics are created, who can own and operate one, how said owners hire their physicians, and how the physicians are compensated. To identify the relevant information, I searched government and organizational websites, academic research and journal articles, and finally corresponded with contacts within each Province’s governing bodies to find relevant policy data and documents. Anything related to the key questions was synthesized into this research. There are no limitations to who can open a clinic or where, except in Prince Edward Island. Physicians can be hired through postings similar to other professions. Finally, Physicians are compensated through a Fee-for-Service method in Walk-in Clinics. Further explanation of these findings is discussed at length throughout this work, and limitations, recommendations, and important data is included.