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Delelopment of an x-ray prism for a combined diffraction enhanced imaging and fluorescence imaging system



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Analyzer crystal based imaging techniques such as diffraction enhanced imaging (DEI) and multiple imaging radiography (MIR) utilize the Bragg peak of perfect crystal diffraction to convert angular changes into intensity changes. These X-ray techniques extend the capability of conventional radiography, which derives image contrast from absorption, by providing a large change in intensity for a small angle change introduced by the X-ray beam traversing the sample. Objects that have very little absorption contrast may have considerable refraction and ultra small angle X-ray scattering (USAXS) contrast thus improving visualization and extending the utility of X-ray imaging. To improve on the current DEI technique this body of work describes the design of an X-ray prism (XRP) included in the imaging system which allows the analyzer crystal to be aligned anywhere on the rocking curve without moving the analyzer from the Bragg angle. By using the XRP to set the rocking curve alignment rather than moving the analyzer crystal physically the needed angle sensitivity is changed from ìradians for direct mechanical movement of the analyzer crystal to milliradian control for movement the XRP angle. In addition to using an XRP for the traditional DEI acquisition method of two scans on opposite sides of the rocking curve preliminary tests will be presented showing the potential of using an XRP to scan quickly through the entire rocking curve. This has the benefit of collecting all the required data for image reconstruction in a single fast measurement thus removing the occurrence of motion artifacts for each point or line used during a scan. The XRP design is also intended to be compatible with combined imaging systems where more than one technique is used to investigate a sample. Candidates for complimentary techniques are investigated and measurements from a combined X-ray imaging system are presented.



prism, Analyzer based imaging, MIR, DEI, XRP



Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)


Physics and Engineering Physics


Physics and Engineering Physics


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